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10/5/2019 7:00 PM

It’s that time of year again: the list is out for @chiarchitecture’s Open House Chicago. On October 19 and 20, some of the most historic buildings in the city -- normally reserved for private viewing (or no viewing at all) -- become open to the public during this weekend. See all kinds of neighborhood gems near Astor House by reserving your spot on Open House’s website.

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  • The easiest Thanksgiving dinner ever? A reservation at @mapleandash! Just a 10-minute walk from Astor House, this modern steakhouse offers their full dinner menu plus special holiday dishes like slow-roasted black truffle turkey breast with chestnut stuffing from 1 pm - 9 pm on Turkey Day.
  • When you live at Astor House your (coffee) cup is more than half full. Book a tour to learn more about our coffee library and other amenities at or call 312-337-0300.
  • Named for its donor, a wealthy Chicago businessman, the Eli Bates fountain has been serving as the centerpiece of the Lincoln Park Conservatory’s Formal Garden since 1887. It is a favorite attraction for children and adults alike with its joyful and whimsical bronze “Storks at Play” sculpture. (Image via @lpconservancy.)
  • Located adjacent to the world’s largest @RalphLauren store, take in American classics like lobster rolls or a New York strip steak at RL Restaurant… just a 5-minute drive from Astor House.
  • Moving can be a climb...but the view is great at Astor House. Book a tour to learn more at or call 312-337-0300.
  • An instantly recognizable hotel, @ambassadorchicago’s guest list speaks volumes. Attracting legends from Frank Sinatra & Marilyn Monroe to Bill Murray and David Bowie, you too can feel like a celebrity when hitting up this Gold Coast icon.
  • Dog may be man’s best friend...but food is a close second for both. You and your furry companion will dine like kings at @thompsonchicago’s @nicoosteria, serving fresh seafood and pasta for humans and a specialized menu just for pups. (Image via @kugeldoodle.)
  • Wintery weather is on its way…how are you combating the chills? Cozying up by the fire for the perfect night in at Astor House, of course!

Book a tour to learn more at or call 312-337-0300.
  • Chicago is filled with sculptures of famous residents, think Abraham Lincoln and L. Frank Baum...but there’s also one of a well-known non-resident: William Shakespeare. Just a seven-minute drive from Astor House, the bronze figure of The Bard was designed by local sculptor William Partridge. He first displayed the model of the monument at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, living on in Chicago ever since. (Image via @lpconservancy.)
  • Eat, drink, and be scary...the witching hour is upon us! Entertain in style and be the ghostess with the mostest at Astor House.

Book a tour to learn more at or call 312-337-0300.
  • The best hidden gems include wine. Meet @eduardosenoteca, a secret little Italian spot in the Gold Coast offering authentic cuisine and a carefully crafted wine selection.
  • So nice, they used the name twice! Turns out the Gold Coast we know and love is not the only one in the city: early on, Wicker Park’s nickname used to be “The Polish Gold Coast” as they were home to numerous Polish immigrants and the Polish downtown. (Image via @TripSavvy.)
  • New bar alert! Put the Throwback in Thursday at the college party-themed @utopiantailgate, just a 5-minute drive from Astor House. Play popular drinking games, like cornhole, and get the perfect insta-shot on their photo-worthy rooftop.
  • “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers,” - Anne of Green Gables. Get cozy and comfy with a good book this fall at the coffee library inside Astor House.

Book a tour to learn more at or call 312-337-0300.
  • Water Tower Place, a 5-minute drive from Astor House and one of Chicago’s largest malls with more than 100 stores, is known for its shopping. But, did you know, it’s also one of the top ten tallest buildings in the city as well as one of the top 60 tallest buildings in the country? (Image via @RenovoEndo.)